Spinologics is proud to unveil its new webpage

Posted on 05/30/13

A new and improved webpage is made public to better outline Spinologics business activities.

Dr. Stefan Parent presents to Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec

Posted on 05/29/13

Dr Stefan Parent recently participated to the latest meeting of the Fédérations des Médecins Omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ.org) (Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec) and presented a talk on “Scoliosis: how to screen scoliosis and what to say to the parents.” The talk discussed mainly the different screening methods and the latest treatment algorithm for patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. During the presentation, different screening methods were discussed including the Scolioscreen device which should allow every general practitioner to perform scoliosis screening in their private office or in the hospital setting and identify patients requiring transfer to a specialized center.

Spinologics publishes another innovative study

Posted on 05/29/13

Spinologics Inc. enthusiastically announces that another state of the art study has been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.  This study discusses an in-house spinal finite element model designed to simulate spinal surgery allowing for improved biomechanical understanding.

Social Networks Auto-Poster

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics is proud to launch its new social networks auto-poster. All our new updates can be followed through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger. Follow us through your favorite media!

Study Scolioscreen

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics will be presenting the results of a study that blindly compared their proprietary Scolioscreen device to the gold standard which showed an  quivalent performance.


Fortier-Tougas, C., Labelle, H., Parent, S., Driscoll, M., and Mac-Thiong, JM*., (2013), Use of the Scolioscreen to support the IPhone when measuring the angle of trunk inclination in scoliosis. Comparison with the IPhone alone and with the Scoliometer, 20th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST), Vancouver, Canada.

Improved system

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics files a patent for its new and improved spinal pelvic fixation system.

Innovative study

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics publishes its innovative study evaluating biomechanical performance pedicle screws during surgery.  This novel modeling and evaluation allows for a streamlined interpretation of new pedicle screws constructs.


Driscoll, M., Mac-Thiong, J-M., Labelle, H., Slivka, M., Stad, S., and Parent, S. (2013) Biomechanical assessment of reduction forces measured during scoliotic instrumentation using two different screw designs. Spine Deformity Journal, 1: 94-101.



New property

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics acquires some intellectual property from the Ecole de Technologie Superieure (a leading engineering university in Montreal).


Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics proud to present at the 19th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) the results of its biomechanical evaluation of screw pull out forces evaluated during spinal surgery using its in-house computational model.


Driscoll, M., Mac-Thiong, JM., Labelle, H., Slivka, M., Stad, S., and Parent, S.*, (2012), Biomechanical Assessment of Favored Angle Screws with Reduction Tabs and Polyaxial Screws during Scoliosis Correction, 19th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST), Istanbul, Turkey.

Positive feedback on the Cervision

Posted on 05/27/13

Spinologics pursues its patent for a its original surgical positioner aimed a facilitating and improving cervical spine surgeries.  This device, the Cervision, has had very positive results and is widely utilized for cervical cases today.