Spinologics presents at the 20th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques

Posted on 07/9/13

Spinologics will be presenting the results of its clinical trial that explored the accuracy and reliability of the Scolioscreen device used to screen for spinal deformities at the 2013 IMAST congress.  Results comparing a surgeon, nurse, and parent of a scoliotic patient demonstrated the Scolioscreen to be as accurate as the gold standard – regardless of the user.  This suggest that anyone who follows the simple instructions of use can gain valuable insight into ones spinal deformity.


Fortier-Tougas, C., Labelle, H., Parent, S., Driscoll, M., and Mac-Thiong, JM*., (2013), Use of the Scolioscreen to support the IPhone when measuring the angle of trunk inclination in scoliosis. Comparison with the IPhone alone and with the Scoliometer, 20th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST), Vancouver, Canada