Sawbones® and Numalogics Launch New Strategic Partnership

Seattle, Washington – Montreal, Canada, September 21, 2021, Pacific Research Laboratories, Inc., the parent
company to Sawbones® and Numalogics Inc., a subsidiary of Spinologics Inc., have partnered to develop
computational modeling and simulation software applications for the orthopaedic medical device industry.
In an ever-competitive space, orthopaedic medical device manufacturers look to bring products to market in a
more efficient way. Computational modeling and simulation allow engineers to create and test devices in a virtual
world and ultimately speed up the research and development process.

Sawbones® is the world leader in supplying bone surrogate materials to the orthopedic industry and is consistently
used to perform bench tests on new devices. With the new simulation software, testing with Sawbones® will be
easier to do in a fast-paced virtual environment. Amy Posch, Design Engineer at Sawbones® said: “Sawbones®
strives to offer the most comprehensive, easy to use products that consistently simulate bone characteristics for
physical testing. By adding computational simulation to our biomechanical test line, customers will be able to
optimize device designs quicker and more efficiently”.

With Sawbones® support, Numalogics aims to develop the most accurate computer models of bone surrogate
materials in the industry and integrate these models into user friendly software applications. Numalogics is one of
the first companies in the world to fully automate and democratize computer simulation for the medical device
industry. Eric Gaudreau, President of Numalogics, said: “Computer modeling and simulation is gaining a
tremendous amount of adoption amongst R&D teams. It helps bring their product innovations to market faster.
The reliability and credibility of virtual models has gained wide acceptance. While we see an opportunity for all
orthopedic device companies to benefit from our apps, we believe that there is a special need for the small and
medium size companies. Unfortunately, they don’t have the resources to hire dedicated simulation experts. We
hope our software can solve this problem.”

Sawbones® and Numalogics are early in the development process and expect to release the software in 2022.

About Sawbones®

In addition to supplying the world’s best medical procedure simulation models, Sawbones® offers a complete range of
composite bones and test materials for orthopaedic experimental and computer simulated biomechanics. Designed to simulate
the physical properties of human bone; these materials offer a more reliable test bed for biomechanical studies than cadaveric
specimens. As an orthopaedic research community, Sawbones® has been qualifying and using biomechanical test materials for
over 30 years with their use becoming more prevalent in scientific journals. Sawbones® are an active member of ASTM and ISO
subcommittees for medical devices and implants for surgery.

About Numalogics Inc.

Numalogics, a subsidiary of Spinologics Inc., specializes in computer modeling and simulation for the medical device, sports
equipment, and military industries. In addition to providing consulting services that can help solve product development and
innovation challenges, Numalogics is carving a path to develop easy-to-use software applications that would allow product
innovators to perform simulation testing, without requiring the dedicated skill and experience in computer simulation. To
ensure models are verified and validated, Numalogics is an active member of the ASME V&V 40.
About Spinologics Inc.

Spinologics, founded in 2010 by three orthopedic spine surgeons, is a Montreal-based firm that specializes in research and
development of medical devices used in spine surgery

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