See the Scolioscreen in action

Posted on 07/8/16

The scolioscreen device scores highly in a critical review of scoliosis screening tools

Posted on 05/21/15

In a systematic review article which sought to evaluate the reliability and validity of postural asymmetry measurements in scoliotic patients, the Scolioscreen device showed strong levels of evidence. This supports the notion that the Scolioscreen device is an accurate tool to screen for spinal deformities. This review paper was published in the European Spine Journal. Read more….

Scolioscreen is a registered medical device

Posted on 05/20/15

The Scolioscreen device is a registered medical device which means that it is produced and validated under the highest quality control procedures which guarantees each device is accurate and allows you to measure the spinal deformity with confidence. You will find several published research articles that demonstrates the high level of evidence demonstrating the reliable performance of the Scolioscreen device.

Registered with the:
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States
CE mark for Europe

Another study published on Scolioscreen device

Posted on 04/8/15

A new article was published in the Scoliosis journal reporting the accuracy of the Scolioscreen device.  A study conducted at the University of Alberta used angle blocks to evaluate the accuracy and variability of the Scolioscreen device and found them relevant to measure the truck deformation on scoliotic patients. The Scolioscreen APP was employed for this study.   Read the full abstract which was presented at the 10th meeting of the International Research Society of Spinal Deformities (IRSSD 2014).

The Scolioscreen wins the Best New Technology for Spine Care in 2014

Posted on 11/10/14

Scolioscreen was selected as a “Best New Technology in Diagnostic and Imaging Care” on the basis of its originality, clinical relevance (including would the judges use the product themselves) and likelihood of improving patient outcomes. The Scolioscreen was chosen for the 6TH ANNUAL SPINE TECHNOLOGY AWARDS and won!

New version of Scolioscreen device confirms to fit all smartphones

Posted on 10/17/14

The second version of the Scolioscreen device is now released.  It is available in three colors and has been confirmed to fit will all smartphone – old and new!  The Scolioscreen device is guaranteed to securely house your smartphone with or without its protective case making it very easy to use.

Developed and endorsed by Spinal Surgeons

Posted on 08/11/14

As a patient with scoliosis or a concern parent, you are faced with a number of challenges. See what concerns patients most often have, read more…


A recent presentation was made to the General Practioners of Quebec where Dr. Stefan Parent presented the utility of the Scolioscreen device for the screening of scoliosis, read more…

Validated clinical tool

Posted on 08/11/14

The Scolioscreen device has been validated as a reliable and accurate tool for measuring the angle of trunk deformation which provides an indication for the underlying spinal deformity.  In a study, the Scolioscreen device when used by a parent of a child with a spinal deformity was as accurate as a spinal surgeon using conventional screening techniques.  


This study was presented at the 20th annual International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques, read more...


Another presentation shared the positive results of the Scolioscreen device at the annual physical therapists congress, read more…


A blinded clinical trial was published in a peer reviewed medical journal, read more…



Scolioscreen device featured in Spinal News International

Posted on 08/11/14

Spinal News International featured a story on the Scolioscreen device for the early screening of spinal deformities.  This article summaries the positive findings of the clinical trial which found the Scolioscreen device to provide accurate and reliable measures in a blinded study, read more…