Our Team

Éric Gaudreau

CEO Spinologics | President Numalogics
Eric is the CEO at Spinologics since 2018 and President at Numalogics since 2020. He is leading the team of biomedical engineers and specialists in innovative bioengineering projects. Prior to joining Spinologics, Eric was Vice President at BDC, a Canadian development bank, where his team engaged with and generated impact for more than 1 200 mid-sized businesses across Canada every year. Eric has a Bachelor in Engineering and a Master of Science in technology management from Polytechnique Montréal. He also acquired his corporate board of directors certification (designation ICD.D) from McGill Executive Institute & Rotman University in 2018. His strategic skills also come in handy on the ice, where he plays hockey every week.

David Benoit

Biomechanical Simulation R&D Specialist
David is a Biomechanical Simulation R&D Specialist at Spinologics Inc. since 2019. He has a Master in mechanical engineering, specializing in spine simulating. He’s not only interested in virtual movement as he spends his free time moving on off road ski mountains and on climbing walls.

Louis-Philippe Caron

R&D and Manufacturing Engineer
Louis-Philippe has been with Spinologics Inc. since 2015, as a R&D and Manufacturing Engineer. He contributes to the design and the concretization of R&D projects, the development of the QA system, computer interface for data management, while also offering technical support for various projects and clinical training. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in conventional manufacturing process and in resistance and property of materials. In his free time, he’s a MMA and Jiu-Jitsu fighter and follows Cobra-Kai values.

Cyril Sender

Senior Director R&D, Medical Devices
Cyril is the Senior Director R&D, Medical Devices since 2018. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, he now manages the R&D team in the design and development of innovative medical equipment. Following a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering, he obtained a PhD in Polymer Physics applied to Biomaterials and a Skills Certificate in Operational Management. Early in his career, he enjoyed teaching science in France, where he resided at the time, and hopes to eventually be able to teach here in Canada.

Christiane Lynch

Communication Director
Christiane recently joint Spinologics Inc. in 2020 as the Communication Director. She graduated from the Université de Montréal (Master’s education and Bachelor in Communication) and has worked in communication for more than 20 years in varied fields such has health, publishing and visual arts. Communication is also her playground since she spends most of her free time reading and discussing anything and everything with anyone open to discuss.

Julien Clin

Director, Biomechanical Simulations R&D
Julien joined Spinologics Inc. in 2014. Has the Director, Biomechanical Simulations R&D, he manages the Numalogics team (a Spinologics Inc. subsidiary), while managing different R&D biomechanical simulations projects. After graduating from the de École Polytechnique de Paris (France) he obtained a Master and Ph.D. from École Polytechnique de Montréal, specializing in Biomechanical Engineering. Julien is a member of the VV40 working group Patient-Specific Models (from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers). His leisure time usually includes good food and good beer.

Bahe Hachem

Embedded Biomechanical Simulations R&D Manager
Bahe Hachem joined Spinologics Inc. in August 2017 and is the Embedded Biomechanical Simulations R&D Manager as of April 2019. He is currently focused on integrating new technologies for biomechanical simulations and related analyses in the form of automating simulation processes, Machine Learning and new coding strategies for the optimization and relentless effort to render simulations real-time. Bahe has a Ph.D. degree from École Polytechnique de Montréal specialized in Biomedical Engineering with a background in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. His doctoral thesis centralized on finite element modelling of state-of-the-art fusionless spinal treatments. Otherwise Bahe is, still is at heart, a semi-professional ping-pong and volleyball player.

G. Jenny Torchia II

Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
G. Jenny Torchia II holds a Bachelor degree from Concordia University and has over 25 years of experience in clinical research and in quality assurance in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Prior to joining Spino Modulation Inc, a subsidiary of Spinologics Inc in 2018, as Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Jenny worked for Medtronic CryoCath LLP for 13 years and was a consultant in GxP for many start up companies throughout that time. She has been a volunteer with Quebec’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night for the past 12 years. She is an avid home chef and spoils her family with top notch meals as well as an avid backgammon player and will challenge anyone to a game.

Franck Le Naveaux

Scientific Research Manager
Franck joined the team in 2017. He manages R&D innovative projects and ensures digital models and simulations’ validity and credibility. He obtained is PhD from Polytechnique Montréal, where he participated in a research projet at Mayo Clinic. He’s also a member of the V&V40 working group (from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers). During is free time, he can be found on the YouTube channel Scilabus, where he explains various physical phenomena related to sport and everyday life. He also the 2017 Muaythai Canadian Champion and the first Quebec to represent Canada at the 2018 World Muaythai Championship.

Loïc Degueldre

Simulation Automation R&D Manager
Loïc joined the team in 2019, when Spinologics inc. acquired ooSoft, the company he founded in 2017. He assists the team in designing digital models with ANSYS software, which he knows very well having worked with it for almost 20 years. He also aims at democratizing digital simulation to make it more accessible to the general public. Loïc believes in life after digital simulation, that’s why he traveled for six months, by bike with his family, along the Pacific coast in 2015-2016. As a new Canadian, he’s tirelessly training at hockey in the hope of one day scoring a goal.

Laura Marinelli

Assistant to Research, Engineering and Quality
Laura joined the team in April 2019. Her main role is to support and assist the engineering team and the QA team, while executing varied administrative tasks. Prior to joining the company, Laura had a fashion background but always dreamed of working in the medical industry. In her free time, she can usually be found baking one of her awesome desserts, or dancing to loud music with her dog.

Gautier Halbin

Specialist in design and R&D
Gautier Halbin joined Spinologics in 2020 as a Specialist in design and R&D, in charge of Spino Modulation's surgical instruments development. He obtained a master’s degree in Industrial and Design management from « École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tarbes » and has been working in the biomedical field since, notably in advanced technologies to improve arterial occlusions treatment. Like any true soccer fan, he plays as often as possible and celebrates each victory.

Dustin Arless

Director clinical development
Dustin Arless has 12 years of experience in the medical device industry. He was a key member in the early stages of SoundBite Medical, a cardiovascular medical device start-up in Montreal. He saw the company through each stage on the path to market with his contributions towards market analysis, KOL management, design input, regulatory & clinical strategy and clinical execution. His strategic vision also helped develop a compelling business plan that raised over $40M invested capital.

Lindsay St-Cyr

Quality Clinical Trial Specialist
Lindsay is in charge of writing and supervising the standard operating procedures in accordance with current regulations. She also coordinates internal and external audits and contributes to the elaboration of required documents related to clinical trials. Lindsay obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology from Université de Sherbrooke and also holds the CITI Certification (Good Clinical Practices). Being a music lover, she’s always happy to play DJ during her free time, bringing her musical touch to everything she undertakes.

Pierre Legay

Advanced structural simulation specialist – Fatigue & Composites
As an expert of composite materials and fatigue life prediction in the sports equipment industry, Pierre is responsible for integrating these simulation capabilities into Numalogics solutions. He is a graduate of École Polytechnique (France) and École Polytechnique de Montréal, where he obtained a master's degree in mechanical engineering. At his previous employment, he contributed to the conception of a track bike for the Tokyo Olympics, used by Canada's Kelsey Mitchell in which she won gold in the sprint. It’s not surprising, since he fell in love with cycling as a young child and still uses his bicycle for both transportation and pleasure.

Our Founder

Dr Hubert Labelle

Dr Labelle is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in spinal deformities.

Dr Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong

Dr Mac-Thiong is an Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in spine care.

Dr Stefan Parent

Dr Stefan Parent is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in spinal deformities.