Wave Health Care is now officially distributing the Cervision™ in New-Zealand

Posted on 11/28/16

We are proud to announce that Spinologics is now registered with the GMDN Agency in New-Zealand and Wave Healthcare is now designated as the official distributor of the Cervision™ in New-Zealand. wave-healthcare-logos

Spinologics is looking for a Senior Project Engineer

Posted on 11/28/16

Spinologics is looking for a Senior Project Engineer! Click here to see the job posted on LinkedIn!executive-recuiting

The Scolioscreen wins the Best New Technology for Spine Care in 2014

Posted on 11/10/14

Scolioscreen was selected as a “Best New Technology in Diagnostic and Imaging Care” on the basis of its originality, clinical relevance (including would the judges use the product themselves) and likelihood of improving patient outcomes. The Scolioscreen was chosen for the 6TH ANNUAL SPINE TECHNOLOGY AWARDS and won!

Three points bending test of spinal rods: FE Simulation

Posted on 08/14/14

Spinologics presents his finite element model allowing to simulate the 3-points bending test of spinal rods. The model allows evaluating in-silico the stiffness and yield strength of any spinal rod design. Any material (Ti, CoCr, SS, etc..) can be modeled. Plasticity is included.

The FE model can help exploring and optimizing spinal rod designs, validating experimental tests or obtaining FDA approval.

For more details watch this movie…





Scolioscreen device featured in Spinal News International

Posted on 08/11/14

Spinal News International featured a story on the Scolioscreen device for the early screening of spinal deformities.  This article summaries the positive findings of the clinical trial which found the Scolioscreen device to provide accurate and reliable measures in a blinded study, read more…

Spinologics registers its products with the European Community

Posted on 02/28/14

Spinologics has met the requirements of the Medical Devices Directives, 93/42/EEC and may now affix the CE mark on its products and begin exportation in Europe.

Spinologics registers its products with the FDA.

Posted on 02/28/14

Spinologics is proud to announce that it has completed its registration with the Food and Drug Administration and can now being exporting its medical devices in the United States.

Spinologics is ISO 13485 compliant

Posted on 02/10/14

Spinologics Inc. completes its first audit of its quality management system confirming it is compliant to ISO 1345 standards for its current medical devices and those at various stages of development.

Spinologics launches its Scolioscreen APP

Posted on 09/24/13

Spinologics Inc. proudly lauches its Scolioscreen APP, now available in iTunes, which offers a convenient and accurate manner to measure for spinal deformities.  The APP is complementary to the Scolioscreen device used to turned your smartphone into a validated medical device.  An android version will follow shortly.

Spinologics is proud to announce Depuy Synthes, a division of Johnson & Johnson Inc., as its Canadian marketing and sales agent

Posted on 08/20/13

Spinologics Inc. has come to an agreement with Depuy Synthes for the representation of its novel Cervision product in Canada.  The Cervision is gaining increased attention as it solves an unmet clinical need by greatly improving patient positioning procedures prior to cervical spine surgeries.  The Cervision proves to be very useful among orthopedic and neurosurgeons as it optimizes their cervical spine surgeries.